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Alauddin Rahiq

rahiqMr. Rahiq began working with Afghan Parliament as a legal advisor with providing proper advice on drafted law’s to the legislative committee. Mr. Rahiq joined CPAU as a legal advisor; he worked for one year in this position and support trainings to formal and informal justice sectors, meetings with formal and informal justice sectors toward linking these two sectors for building cooperation and support among both sectors in the provincial level. He was promoted to the senior Program officer; Mr. Rahiq is a key member of CPAU team with leading all the field works of CPAU projects; he is doing planning of project, action plan and reporting. Mr. Rahiq has been involved deeply in trainings as well; he has been conducted trainings to formal and informal justice sectors. Mr. Rahiq has a diverse work experiences. Mr. Rahiq is the author of 4 social empowerment books. Mr. Rahiq recently got his M.A degree in public international law from Payam-e-noor University in Kabul.

Shamshad Omar

shamshadShamshad Omar began working at the BBC in Kabul where he worked as a Writer and Producer on a number of shows including SehatwaZindagy (Health and Life),SadayShahr (City Voice, dealing with social issues in the cities). Shamshad moved to Cooperation for Peace and Unity (CPAU) in November 2010 where he began working as a Senior Communications Officer, overseeing the communications section of the program team, and as an Admin Manager gaining knowledge of how to run the logistics, and human resources of an NGO. Shamshad currently works in Communications where he has a leading role in CPAU’s projects, some of which include the informal rule of law project, women’s empowerment radio drama project, the formal and informal justice linkages project and peace building with developing materials, writing reports and conducting Monitoring and Evaluation using key USAID frameworks. He is a valuable member of the CPAU team with a range of managerial and program-related experience within CPAU and at BBC Kabul. Shamshad Omar has BA in Journalism and recently won a scholarship to read for a Masters in Conflict Transformation Studies in Cambodia in 2013. This will no doubt be a great addition to his already considerable experiences and achievements.

Maryam Shirjani

maryamMaryam Shirjani, one of CPAUs Senior Project Officers, oversees overall plans and day-to- day activities of projects to ensure proper policies and practices are being followed. Currently she is responsible for the Support to Local Justice in Kapisa and Sorobi (SeLJuKaS) project. Ms. Shirjani grew up in Iran following her family immigrating there. With a BA in Law she initiated her career with the Embassy of Afghanistan in Teheran, Iran, followedby returning to Afghanistan to work with the independent election commission in 2010, Organization Leadership Development Studies (OLDS), and joining CPAU in 2011. She joined CPAU as our female Legal Advisor and was in 2012 promoted to her current position of Senior Project Officer.  In addition to her work experience and BA in Law she has attended numerous of trainings including management, gender development, public legal awareness, and communication trainings.

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