Kanishka Nawabi – Chairman

Kanishka NawabiWith postgraduate degrees from the UK, Kanishka Nawabi has extensive research, public sector, development and NGO management experience both in Afghanistan and at the international level. He Managed Cooperation for Peace and Unity from 2004 to which he is a Chairman of the Board at the moment. He served as the Senior Security Advisor to the Afghan Ministry of Interior until 2010. Among his research works are Afghan NGOs Communication Systems; Advocacy Practices: Afghanistan 2001 Onwards; Armed Groups and Peace Processes; Religious Civil Society; and Transformation of War Economies. He has also co-founded the Hambastagi Consulting Group ( with ex-Afghan cabinet Minister Haneef Atmar.



Idress Zaman – Managing Director

zamanIdrees Zaman is the Managing Director of CPAU with a role to oversee and monitor all CPAU programs and supporting departments. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and history and MBA in financial management, he started his career with an internship at an Afghan NGO in 1995. After working there for a decade in different executive positions including Finance Director, in 2005 he started freelance consultancies in Afghanistan, during which time he worked in some major research projects including mid-term evaluation of Afghanistan’s National Solidarity Program NSP, conducted by PRDU unit of York University. In 2006 he joined CPAU at his current position.

Having attended numerous trainings sessions in different disciplines, and with a vast study of the history and political dynamics of Afghanistan and the region, he has been part of/authored some major research studies such as: Mid-term Evaluation of National Solidarity Program NSP (2005-6), Religious Civil Society (June – November 2006), Transformation of War Economies (August – October 2006), NGOs, PRTs, Government and Communities in Afghanistan (2007), Analysis of Asia Foundation survey “Afghanistan in 2007” (2007-8), Bridging the Gap: Increasing Civil Society Participation in Law and Policy Formulation in Afghanistan (2010).

Khaled Monawar 

Khaled Monawar is an Afghan – American owner – founder – business leader with 15+ years of development experience in Afghanistan and the region. Early background in investment banking industry focusing on private placement for US companies and 15+ years of sector specific investments across industry in Afghanistan and the region.

Mr. Monawar created Afghanistan Management Group (AMG) in 2003 with the goal of being a leading firm supporting the reconstruction of developing nations, like Afghanistan, while promoting economic growth and higher living standards among the people of those nations.

Mr. Monawar started Composite Armor Technologies (CAT) in 2010 in support of the Afghan first initiative. Afghan-owned manufacturing company established in Kabul, Afghanistan launching a full-line of protective clothing and armor products to be manufactured in Afghanistan, combining highly exclusive composite armor patented products with local Afghan labor, training and practices consistent with international standards for quality, and development priority policies for Afghanistan.

In support of developing an investment platform for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Mr. Monawar successfully launched Koi3 in 2012 as a US based venture development firm for the purpose of establishing business enterprises in Afghanistan through private sector investment, technical collaborations, and supporting sustainability of existing businesses.

Mr. Monawar actively participates in supporting other areas of investment in Afghanistan to help create value for the country. In 2014, he was a key member in bringing 3-D education to Afghan schools. This revolutionary technology will be deployed in over 300+ schools in the coming years and have a major impact for the future generation of the country as it focuses on the math and sciences for the education system.

Recently, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) has brought Mr. Monawar onboard to help develop a holistic approach toward the transition of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) customs police to MoF. As part of the Self Reliance for Mutual Accountability Framework (SMAF), MoF will look to bring needed efficiencies in its ability to absorb and realize its revenue potential through customs reform and enforcement. As of October of 2015, Mr. Monawar has managed to create interest from an international organization worth $20B a year on their balance sheet, with 90,000 employees, and 100 offices to help develop a robust PPP (Public Private Partnership) or BOT (Build Operate Transfer) model in bringing effect change across line Ministries that will allow for needed efficiencies at Afghan borders to generate revenue.

Furthermore, Mr. Monawar has been tasked as the senior advisor and MoF representative for the Afghan Airfield Economic Development Commission (AAEDC). With over $10B in infrastructure investment, AAEDC will create an economic incentive package to create an enabling environment for domestic and international investment. As Afghanistan continues to make large-scale investments into infrastructure, the economic corridors throughout the country will allow for a connection to the globe. Mr. Monawar identified a turn-key investor in special economic zones (SEZ) to assist the AAEDC to meet its intended goals.  Creating an inclusive investment platform that allows the nation to prosper and brining needed growth in the GDP will be the main driving force in executing an effective SEZ.

Based on the success of developing support and furthering the above programs at MoF, Mr. Monawar has been appointed the Resolute Support / Coalition Liaison on behalf of the MoF. Program Management of overall efforts between RS and MoF are coordinated in an effort to expand the accountability and close working relationship between the two institutions. Under this role, Mr. Monawar oversees Customs Reform, Special Economic Zones, Tax Policy, Anti and Counter Corruption Programs, Systems Reform for Security Sector, and other major programs between RS and MoF.

Tawfiq Karimi 

Tawfiq Karimi with a post graduate degree in Political Science and International Relations and a graduate degree in Communications and Management from the Netherlands, is member of the board of CPAU. He has been servinga in this capacity since 2012. He has previously worked with Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations in the Netherlands, BearingPoint Inc., and Deloitte Consulting. He has also worked as senior advisor to minister of Transport and Civil Aviation of Afghanistan. In addition to his activities at CPAU Mr. Karimi has also worked as partner with Capitalize International, LLC, a Washington DC based consulting firm.

Ritu Priya – Executive Program Officer

retuMs. Priya is holding a law degree from Delhi University as well as a Master of Laws (LL.M.) with a specialization in International Human Rights Law from London School of Economics and Political Science.

Before she joined Cooperation for Peace and Unityas Executive Program Officer of the Creative Team, RituPriya worked as Program Associate with ‘Programme on Women’s Economic Social and Cultural Rights (PWESCR)’, an international NGO. There she worked intensively on Third Financing for Development Conferences and UN Sustainable Development Goals, advocating Global South feminist positions.

Ms. Priya furthermore worked on various other projects focusing on gender, business and human rights, and gender-based violence against women in India as well as abroad.

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