Fighting for Peace

Fight For Peace Project (FFP) is Afghan Girl’s boxing team, created by CPAU in 2007. After agreements with the Afghan Olympics Committee, the team FFP was transformed into Amateur Afghan Women Boxing Team, the first ever Afghan Women boxing team in Afghanistan. For several years, CPAU has been working closely with the Afghan Boxing Federation to provide funding and support to the Amateur Afghan Women’s Boxing Team. We call this project, and the fight it represents, the Fight For Peace.

History and Vision

The team was created several years ago in Kabul by CPAU, and aims to improve the lives of the girls involved, improving their health and fitness, teaching them the benefits of an active, sporting lifestyle, and challenging them, and Afghanistan, to question the roles of women in sport and in society. It is no exaggeration to say that an Afghan woman boxing is controversial. Afghanistan remains a conservative country, until recently women could not participate in sports of any kind, and a culture of active and sporting women needs to be built from the ground up. Through the FFP, we are helping to do just that.

Today, with backing and support from CPAU, the FFP numbers 30 girls, with plans for expansion underway. As well as sporting achievement, enjoyment and as part of an active lifestyle, the Fight For Peace project is part of CPAU’s wider efforts for community peace building and in developing a strong and inclusive civil society in Afghanistan. The hard road of Afghanistan in recent decades is well known, today decades of war have produced ethnic polarization, religious and ethnic prejudice, hatred and tough psychological and social difficulties, especially for the youth, and even more so for women. Women have suffered enormously over the course of the war’s in Afghanistan, and though that fight is far from over, the FFP is a part of the effort and movement to empower women, to challenge what society has come to accept and to emancipate women from a system which has banned them from taking part in sports. Through FFP we are teaching this group of girls to work hard and aim for success through sports, there are no barriers of ethnicity or ability to entry, and Afghanistan’s many peoples are well represented, we are teaching them that though a martial sport, boxing can be constructive and teaches many other life skills including hard work, resilience and commitment. Through their successes and achievements, and through their hard work alone, these young ladies then become ambassadors for women in Afghanistan; they proudly fight and show others that they can too. Abroad, they show a changing face of Afghanistan. Courageous, determined, able, and female. They are Fighting For Peace and CPAU is proud to be a part of that and to nurture their development.

How We Help

Since CPAU has been involved with the AAWBT, we have been able to secure funding for training clothing and equipment, we have been able to support them financially by providing training staff, tickets to travel abroad to compete and stipends to support the team when away. We provide nutritional assistance and, as safety is an issue for the team, we employ drivers for them to ensure they can arrive and go home safely from training session. CPAU has worked to enable these girls to box freely, without needing to worry about finances or safety. CPAU has also help conflict resolution training sessions with the girls. These sessions teach them the importance of not using violence to solve issues, the need to listen to others and to talk problems through and look for solutions that benefit everyone.

Successes and the Future

The team has been very successful in the last few years, competing in international competitions in Tajikistan, China and Istanbul. Some of the girls have shown remarkable skill in the ring, and this has been translated into incredible results for the girls. Recently, Shabnam Rahimi, Sadaf Rahimi, and Fahima Sherzad competed in the World Boxing Championships in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Competing in the respective weight categories of 48kg, 60kg, and 64kg, the girls impressed winning gold, silver, and bronze. This success led to an opening for Sadaf Rahimi to compete at the Summer Olympic games in London 2012. This posed a major opportunity for Sadaf as an athlete and an ambassador for women and Afghanistan, sadly however; she was unable to qualify despite a heroic effort in China earlier in the year. The Olympics drew a lot of attention to Sadaf and the team, and it also led to a lot of false reporting, where in many quarters it had been reported she was given a place and would certainly attend. While this was never the case, CPAU and our development partners, The Afghan Boxing Federation, the Olympic Committee, her friends, family, coaches and boxing partners, and countless more in Afghanistan and the wide world, would like to congratulate Sadaf on coming this far in such a short space of time, for fighting for what she believes and for representing women so strongly. We all hope that Sadaf, and others from the team, can continue to Fight For Peace, and will now aim for Rio 2016. There is a lot of work to be done, and a long journey lies ahead, but the young women of the Afghan women boxing team are tough, and with our support and yours, we can work together to help these courageous young athletes achieve their dreams.

Donate to FFP

If you would like to contribute, you can do so using pay-pal through the donate app, located at the left hand side of this page. All donated funds go directly to the FFP project, where they are used to buy extra training materials and increase nutritional support. Even with CPAU’s support, life is tough in Afghanistan; every donation of any size makes a real difference to these girls and their hopes for the future. Thank you.

For more information on the Fight For Peace project, to become involved, for more information on donations, or to talk with us about sponsorship and team support, please email

“Competition Results and Upcoming Events”





Asian Indoor Games,Vietnam, 2009

Sadaf RahimiShabname RahimiShahala Sekandri

DNMDNMBronze Medal

Asian Women’s BoxingChampionship, Kazakhstan, 2010

Sadaf RahimiShahala Sekandri


AIBA Wowmen’s and Youth JuniorWorld Boxing Championships, Turkey , 2011

Shukria HadarySadaf Rahimi


World Boxing championships, Tajikistan 2011

Sadaf RahimiShabnam RahimiFahima Sherzad


Asian Womens Championships, Mongolia , 2012

Sadaf Rahimi


AIBA 7th World Women’s Championship, china 2012

Sadaf RahimiSomaya  AzizShamila Hussain Zada 




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