Our Work

CPAU is an Afghan-led non-profit organisation with around two decades of experience in promoting peace and social justice in Afghanistan. CPAU was founded in 1996. CPAU relocated is the first Afghan-led, research and peace-building organisation in Afghanistan. Over the last decade, CPAU has implemented more than 400 projects in more than 26 provinces across Afghanistan, where it has conducted research, peace and conflict management, innovative education and peace-building programming and media projects. This has included providing peace education classes to more than 30,000 male and female students across Afghanistan as well as organizing workshops and training seminars for members of the Afghan government, civil society, and foreign organizations on topics such as conflict mediation and cultural sensitivity. CPAU also created or worked with around 10,000 shuras/Councils across the country. In addition, CPAU has been a significant pioneer in the informal justice sector, using innovative programming to establish long term relations between formal and informal justice sectors.

As Afghanistan’s first locally led research organization, CPAU also has extensive experience in conducting quantitative and qualitative research on a community, district, and provincial level. This has included original research on conflict trends, livelihood issues, and human rights, as well as conducting monitoring and evaluation of education, governance, and rule of law projects implemented by international donors, other NGOs, and by CPAU itself.  CPAU has considerable experience in research and survey design, as well as experience in conducting interviews in Dari, Pashtu, and English. During the last decade, CPAU has organized and implemented research throughout most of the provinces in Afghanistan. Sofar CPAU conducted more than 70 high-quality research projects.

CPAU incorporated its two-decade long experience of social change with the media training, capacity building and use of media platforms, including social media. CPAU has also garnered grants from donors in developing women’s empowerment through radio dramas. CPAU implemented project for empowerment of women through social advocacy and employment with a focus on the women at national level. Because of the media capacities of CPAU and her own media house, Twan Media Productions, together with the Radio and Television Afghanistan (RTA) network, the radius of CPAU’s outreach throughout the country is extensive and sustainable.

CPAU also has past experiences of directly promoting democratic civic engagement in elections as well. In 2004 and 2009 CPAU carried out a civic educational programme on Parliamentary and Presidential elections nationally. These programmes aimed to improve voting literacy and engagement for the 2004 and 2009 Presidential & Parliamentary elections. Face-to-face contact with groups, leaders and individuals was used to promote participation and pictorial materials were used to overcome illiteracy problems.


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