As part of its wider CVE efforts, CPAU organized a conference in Takhar Province on Preventing Radicalization in Prisons and Rehabilitating and Reintegrating Violent Extremists

In the face of violent extremism, prisons may provide a ‘safe haven’ and breeding ground for terrorists to network and to recruit and radicalize fellow inmates. This is further enhanced by a lack of suitable prison cells and a corrupt prison and justice system which are causing great damage for society and overall security.

However, prisons – when controlled and well-managed – can also constitute an environment that can be used to foster positive change and to disengage terrorists from their extremist ideologies and to rehabilitate them.

Therefore, it is important to have an efficient, just, and transparent prison management as well as appropriate rehabilitation and reintegration programs in place in order to prevent recidivism and to counter further radicalization and recruitment of violent extremist fighters.

As part of our CVE work in Afghanistan, CPAU organized a two-day conference and workshop in Takhar province on May 7-8, 2016 on the above introduced topic.

The event was aimed at facilitating intellectual and informative speeches and discussions in order to promote cultural and religious tolerance and pluralism among civil society members, traditional and religious leaders and government officials who attended the conference.

Some of the key points identified were that the present state of violence in Afghan prisons fuels into the spread of extremism. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate torture and every form of discrimination within prisons. Furthermore, it has been suggested to provide education and training opportunities for prisoners in order to present them with an alternative to violence and extremism and also to increase their awareness of Afghan laws. Finally, it has been proposed to establish rehabilitation centers for ex-prisoners in order to reintegrate them in communities and the society and to counter the spread of violent extremist ideologies.

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