Increasing community policing and strengthening common efforts for CVE – CPAU brought together community members and police forces for two days of discussions, talks and group work in Kabul city

Security forces play a central role in protecting civilians and their human rights. When the need of civilians for protection, justice and dignity is not met by state security forces, they will start looking for the satisfaction of their basic needs elsewhere, potentially turning toward extremist and terrorist groups offering such services. Consequently, it has to be understood that a lack of rule of law, corruption within the security sector and the associated violation of basic human rights by the state forces presents a main driver of radicalization and the recruitment by violent extremists. Therefore, community-oriented policing and the building of strong relations between police forces and communities can prevent the spread of violent extremism.

On this topic, CPAU organized a two day event, including informative speeches, discussions and productive group work, in Kabul City on May 18-19, 2016 as part of a series of conferences with different topics relevant to countering violent extremism.

During the workshops, participants developed some recommendations for the improvement of community-police relations such as capacity building within the police forces based on improved training, better equipment and higher levels of education. Furthermore, the level of community policing should be increased by building trust through a number of measures like identifying community needs and organizing meetings between the people and police forces to enhance their accessibility. As weak points have been identified a lack of a national mission and coordination as well as the absence of satisfactory knowledge on and awareness of the rule of law.

All participants thanked CPAU for organizing such event to bring the public and security forces together to discuss the issues that are hampering the development of their good relations.
The role of media and of religious scholars was also highlighted for increasing awareness and the commitment was made to support security forces in countering violent extremism.


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