CPAU organized a two-day event in Ghor Province on: Promoting Educational Approaches to Build Resilience to Violent Extremism

Educators exert considerable influence by shaping the views and skills of the next generation as well as helping to set society’s broader norms. Hence promotion of educational approaches is one of the most important tools to build resilience to violent extremism. It is important to recognize that the anxieties and uncertainties surrounding the transition in adulthood in a diverse society can leave young people vulnerable and at risk to being influenced by those who seek to promote extremist view points, including encouraging the use of violence for political ends. There is a need to ensure that as they mature, young people have a full understanding of Afghanistan’s democratic values such as mutual tolerance and respect for the law and are equipped with the skills and capabilities to resist extremist arguments that run counter to these values.

Following up on previous events on this important topic, CPAU organized a two-day seminar session and workshops in Ghor Province held on March 10-12, 2016, offering a platform for knowledge exchange and the identification of best practices on the above introduced topic.

In the course of the conference, it has become clear that the right kind of education -such as civic education, critical thinking, and life skills – is vital in countering violent extremism. It also includes familiarizing and teaching not only the youth but also every citizen of Afghanistan the country’s true values.

The Ghor Conference was characterized by a thriving and active knowledge exchange by high-level speakers like local officials, national and international scholars, civil society activists as well as central government officials. All speakers’ valuable contributions kept the participants engaged and triggered questions and an active participation from the audience. The event was highly appreciated by all participants as being very helpful for raising awareness and promoting knowledge on the topic of countering violent extremism in Afghanistan and worldwide.



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