CPAU invited national and international scholars to a two-day conference on ‘Development Assistance And Stabilization Efforts to Prevent And Counter Violent Extremism’, held in Khost Province on March 23-24, 2016

Appropriate development assistance is vital in supporting international peace and security, especially in countries where political and economic factors leave certain communities susceptible to radicalization and extremism. In this context, a growing overlap between conflict-affected countries and their vulnerability to violent extremism has been realized. While many national and international agencies and donors provide development assistance directed at the sectors most relevant to preventing and countering violent extremism to those affected countries, many programs lack direct focus on mitigating the specific drivers of extremism or miss to focus on specific populations and communities who are most vulnerable.

With this in mind, CPAU organized a two-day speaker seminar session and workshops in Khost Province, held on March 23 -24, 2016, offering a platform for knowledge exchange and the identification of best practices on the above introduced topic.

The conference has been a major success, identifying root causes of violent extremism in society and discussing approaches how to tackle them. Especially the topic of women’s empowerment and development programs for women has been highlighted during the conference, also offering many female speakers the opportunity to voice their insights and opinions on the very important topic.


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