Building Resilience to Violent Extremism by Promoting Educational Approaches: As part of CPAU’s CVE initiative, a two-day conference and workshop was held in Ghazni Province

The conference in Ghazni Province organized by CPAUand held on 30th and 31st January 2016 focused on the issue of building resilience to extremism by promoting educational approaches. This concept is based on developing focused educational programs targeting communities where youth populations are most susceptible to radicalization. These educational programs include offering skills for employment, facilitating civil and nonviolent ways of participating in public life as well as demonstrating the values of community service.

During the Ghazni Conference it became evident that the present lack of a well-trained and professional workforce and the related lack of a personal independence are responsible for the many problems Afghanistan is facing to date. Therefore, all speakers agreed that it is essential to promote education for the children and youth in order to secure justice and peace in society.
Moreover, it has become clear that education and awareness raising are important instruments for generating a mindset and attitude resistant to violent extremism.



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