CPAU organized a two-day conference on Promoting Local Research and Information Sharing on the Drivers of Violent Extremism in Nangarhar Province

Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism is based on identifying the factors that contribute to communities’ vulnerability or resilience to violent extremism in a local and community level context. To achieve this, more specific research on the push and pull factors prevalent in particular communities susceptible to radicalization and extremism is needed.

In addition to encouraging more specific research in this area, it is moreover essential to share the key findings widely with communities, experts, scholars, and policymakers through an effective and accessible knowledge base and to enhance cooperation among key stakeholders in order to allow the development of tailored instruments for preventing violent extremism.

Following up on previous engagement programs and supporting global efforts for preventing and countering radicalization processes and the spread of violent extremism, CPAU organized a two-day event held on 15th and 16th December 2015 in Nangarhar Province on ‘Promoting Local Research and Information Sharing on the Drivers of Violent Extremism’.

Various national and international scholars as well as locals and community members have been invited to the conference to promote open dialogue and to create awareness on the topic and furthermore to enhance local research and information sharing on factors driving violent extremism.

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