Countering Violent Extremism: CPAU is working towards Strengthening the Counter-narrative and Weakening the Legitimacy of Violent Extremism Messaging by organizing a two-day event in Samangan Province

Living in the 21st century where communication is characterized by engaging in social media platforms which have a great influence on shaping opinions and are very effective in promoting certain messages, it becomes even more important to provide potential users of such platforms with access to unbiased knowledge and information in order to build a certain resilience within society against propaganda messages.
Especially, in a conflict-affected country like Afghanistan with a high level of vulnerability towards radicalization and violence, efforts to prevent the phenomenon of violent extremism have to include strategies for weakening the legitimacy and resonance of violent extremist recruiters’ messages and in turn strengthen the counter-narrative, educate especially vulnerable communities about the threat of online recruitment and enhance the resilience to propaganda messages through innovative community-based approaches.
Recognizing the importance of this issue, CPAU organized a two-day conference and workshop on the topic of ‘Strengthening the Counter-narrative and Weakening the Legitimacy of Violent Extremism Messaging’in Samangan Province held on 17th and 18th February 2016.
With the contribution of international and local scholars, provincial government officials, civil society activists and other qualified speakers the conference has been a great success. It promoted civic engagement and facilitated an inspiring and thriving knowledge exchange on the overarching topic of violent extremism. Many contributors thus pushed for more of such conferences which have been seen as beneficial for raising awareness and working towards the goal of strengthening the resilience of the community to violent extremism messaging.



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