CPAU releases the Road to National Peace Research Report

This research is conducted by Cooperation for Peace and Unity (CPAU) with the financial support of Open Society Afghanistan (OSA). It aims to contribute to the success of peace building and reconciliation efforts in Afghanistan by creating a platform to evaluate the weaknesses and fill the gaps of peace building and reconciliation endeavours. The lessons learned from the previous approaches will help to have a better understanding of the Afghan conflict by developing a roadmap for a peaceful resolution of the Afghan conflict. This research took a mixed-methods approach, utilizing both primary and secondary data and quantitative and qualitative methods. The research was implemented in Kunduz, Herat, and Panjshir provinces. Semi-structured interviews and FGDs were conducted in each district and province with APRP stakeholders, beneficiaries, community members, and reintegrates.

The report is divided into following sections

Context: Government Peace Initiatives, Bodies and Policies Outside the APRP
The Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program
Findings: Provincial Case Studies
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