CPAU organized a series of engagement programs on the role of aid in stabilization efforts to prevent and counter violent extremism in Baghlan province, Afghanistan:

Development programs in Afghanistan is often in sectors broadly relevant to preventing or countering violent extremism, but is not typically directed to mitigating the specific drivers of or focusing on specific populations or communities susceptible to radicalization and recruitment to violent extremism. Yet, while development agencies support conflict prevention and mitigation, peacebuilding, and resilience that ameliorate these broad conditions, their efforts have been insufficient in addressing specific drivers of violent extremism, particularly in demographic and geographic areas affected by violent extremism. Therefore, during the month of December, CPAU organized a series of events in Kabul and Baghlan province to engage development agencies, local government representatives and community leaders to better understand their roles in CVE, and working with them in focused ways is critical to effectively addressing the phenomenon.

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