CPAU engages in the local communities in developing counter-narratives to violent extremists’ messages across Afghanistan:

In the new 24-hour media environment, extremist groups use the new information technology and traditional media and outreach activities to attract more men to their ranks. Hence countering their narrative requires a similar, if not the same, approach both locally and at the national level. CPAU on the other hand puts greater emphasis on local level engagements that are responsive to the needs of specific vulnerable populations. As part of CPAU countering violent extremisms (CVE) initiatives in Afghanistan, a series of engagements were successfully held during the last of week of November 2015 in Panjsher and Kabul provinces. The focus of these countering violent extremism engagements were the “Strengthening the counter narrative and weakening the legitimacy of violent extremisms messaging“. Local officials, scholars, civil society activist and central government officials, as well as important overseas scholars, supported the CPAU initiative.

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