Identifying Local Drivers of Violent Extremism: CPAU engages key stakeholders in promoting local research and information sharing on the drivers of violent extremism in Parwan Province

In order to prevent and counter violent extremism an important step is to understand what factors contribute to communities’ vulnerability or resilience to violent extremism andconsequently to identify local drivers.These factors are contextual. Therefore, it has become evident that more detailed research on what drives violent extremism in a local and community level context is needed in order to be able to develop tailored instruments for preventing the radicalization process from the outset.

Engaging in global efforts for countering and preventing violent extremism, CPAU organized a two-day conference in Parwan Province held on 8th and 9th October, 2015 on ‘Promoting Local Research and Information Sharing on the Drivers of Violent Extremism’ and thus encourages endeavors to fill the research gap on local drivers for radicalization and violent extremism.

A broad range of national and international scholars, local community and government members with various personal and professional backgrounds participated in fruitful discussions on the topic of the conference and furthermore exchanged valuable knowledge and experiences. It has been agreed on that it is essential to encourage research in that field and moreover to share findings and results broadly with communities, experts, scholars and policymakers through an effective and accessible knowledge base and to enhance cooperation among key stakeholders.


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