Afghan Hearts and Minds

Throughout Afghanistan, there are silent but chilling reminders of the constant loss of innocent lives in a conflict which has spanned three decades, and one that continues to claim innocent lives today. The identities of the killers and the victims may change but the result for the majority Afghans remains the same – a lack of security against a stark backdrop of continuing poverty and underdevelopment.As Afghanistan rebuilds, the three D’s of development, defence and diplomacy exist in an uneasy marriage, and the reconciliation of civil and military goals remains fraught with conflicts of interest.  This research has primarily addressed Afghanconcerns, and unpacks some of the commonly heldassumptions about Afghan engagement with andwithin the main areas of the civilian-military debate. The report concludes that CIVMIL relations, institutions and decision-making inAfghanistan need to be more inclusive and informedby Afghan perspectives. This responsibility falls toall actors, the GoA, the military, NGOs, Afghan civilsociety groups, and the media.

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